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Classifier Makes Great Contributions to the Ecological Balance


With the increasing of highway, railway and other infrastructure investment, the large number of sand is in urgent need. In order to protect the ecological balance, the state prohibits the unauthorized excavation of natural sand (except the cleaning of river). The supply of natural sand cannot keep up with the sharply increasing demand. Therefore, the development of classifier is on the schedule. From the situations of domestic classifier, its development is promising. Here is an introduction of the classifier, which takes the processing concrete as an example.

Because the particle angularity and surface of the classifier is rough, the mixing of concrete will lead to the larger bleeding ratio of the concrete. The use of water is also sensitive, so it needs to blend with super fine sand of 0.7~1.5 fineness modulus, which can improve the working performance of concrete. Because the blending ratio will become large after the mixing with sand, it may easily lead to the emergence of the uneven strength of concrete. So the classifier concrete mixing time should increase by 30S~60S than the mixing time of natural sand concrete to meet the workability requirements of concrete. The classifier and extra fine sand should be evenly distributed inside the concrete to avoid discrete phenomena of its intensity distribution. 

Due to a certain amount of powder containing in the classifier, the slurry content in the classifier will also increase. The plastic shrinkage at early stage is easy to dehydration. Therefore, we must strengthen the maintenance of classifier in the early stage. Hongxing Machinery is a manufacturer of classifier in China, which adopts advanced technology to realize large production capacity, low overall cost and convenient maintenance. If you are interested, please leave us a message or send email to us, and we will answer you as quickly as possible!

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