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Hongxing hammer crusher always ahead on the way of green energy saving

At present, China mining machinery is going into international market. Meanwhile, some states are building their environmental barriers, which means the green energy saving and environmental protection has become the trend of mining machinery development. Henan  Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., LTD, taking actively part in promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction, carring out the independent innovation, is always keep leadship. And Hongxing hammer crusher is ahead of others on the way of green environmental protection.

Hongxing hammer crusher mainly includes: the body and rotor, hammer, counterattack lining board, plate etc. Apply to the compressive strength of material of no more than 100 MPa, moisture content is less than 15%. The broken materials can be coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, bricks, limestone, etc.

The prominent advantages of Hongxing hammer crusher: workable hammer, with new process of casting, wear-resisting, impact resistance. According to customer requirements, crusher can adjust the required size. The crusher body  is structure sealed, solving the problem of dust pollution and the ash leakage. The overall design model is beautiful, compact structure, the vulnerability of small, easy maintenance, and it is upgraded products.

Hammer crusher makes use of high-speed impact force to finish midium crushing and tertairy crushing process. According to research, ordinary hammer crusher easy wear and is not suitful for crushing humidity and contain clay materials. Hongxing adopts the steel ring type coal crusher. It takes advantage of the comprehensive function of the high-speed impact force and low speed crushes to broken material, so that get more fine products.It mainly used for broken coal power plant, but can also be used to plaster, salt chemical raw materials and some hard material in the broken.

Not only in China, low carbon green has become a first trend in the development of the world, crusher industry to blow up the wind of pure and fresh. Green manufacturing will lead technology innovation of all the broken equipment industry towards a brandnew field. Hongxing people constantly blaze new trails, make efforts to develop high technology content, high quality, high added value, low energy consumption, low emission of hammer crusher.

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