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Maintain Belt Conveyor to Improve the Output of Sand Production Line

With the fast development of national economy, belt conveyor has become the essential equipment in sand production line, stone production line, building waste processing progress, which mainly used to transmit the materials between equipments. The function of belt conveyor saves the manpower greatly and improves the production efficiency. It has the advantages of long transmission distance, huge transmission capacity, little working resistance, easy installation, low power consumption, little wear. Thus, to guarantee the smooth work of belt conveyor can improve the output of sand stone production line.

Common faults of belt conveyor

1.   Not rotation of Belt. After motor start, the transmission drum rotates idle to drive belt to creep. If the belt cannot rotate, it is caused of the reasons of the belt tension is not enough, the slack adjuster is not be well adjusted, the belt is too long, heavy load start, much coal in the end of belt.

2. Belt creep. The reasons are the cross force caused during the belt running. The reasons why causes cross force are: materials on the belt conveyor load in one side other that load in the centre middle; the Installation axis of roller and rotary drum and the centre of conveyor is not vertical; height of steel wire ropes of machine is not the same; connector of conveyor is not vertical; coal discharging rotary drum position is not be adjusted well; the rotary drum of tail and guiding rotary drum do not adjust well can also cause the creep of belt.

3. Easy break of belt. This is caused by the reasons that Excessive belt tension, insecure connector, low quality of buckle, long use of belt, poor quality of maintenance. Methods to solve the problems are to adjust the stain device, lower tensile force, change new belt in time and strength the maintenance quality.

4. Abnormal noise of gear box. This mainly caused by the excessive gap between bearing and gear or the loose of shell screws. And the resolve ways are change bearing, adjust gap and replace motor.

Methods to prevent the common fault of belt conveyor

1. Keep belt clean
2. Cheek the tensity of belt and adjust the tensity
3. Check and deal with the abnormal noise in time
4. Check the belt tensity on schedule, if there appears the situation of loose; the belt should adjust in time.
5. Be careful for the running situation of belt, if the belt is creep, it should be adjusted timely.
6. Keep the cleanness of optoelectronic switch
7. Check all fasteners and make sure there are no loose parts.
8. Clean belt and make sure the belt is in good situation, if the belt is damaged, it should be replace timely.
9. Check the lubricating oil in the gear box, and make sure the lubricating oil is in good condition.

The above advices are summarized by hongxing technicians on the base of the problems during the process of belt conveyor of customer. As a professional crushing equipment manufacture, Zhengzhou hongxing has rich production experience of crushing equipments. Main equipments of the company are: jaw crusher, impact crusher, VSI crusher, hammer crusher, high efficiency fine crusher, tertiary crusher, sand washer, feeder, dryer, ball mill, belt conveyor and building waste process equipment and etc.


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