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Typical requirements for the flotation machine

Flotation machine is a main device to realize the flotation process.  Materials grinded in the wet-type mill are concocted with the basically single-dissociated minerals into ore pulp of certain concentration. Then they fully interact with flotation medicament in the agitation tank. After that, they will be conveyed to the flotation machine for inflation and stirring. Therefore, the mineralization foam layer is formed on the pulp surface, and to get the foam products (fine ore) with the help of a scraper. From the above, it is self-evident that the structure and the efficiency are critical ingredients affecting the flotation index. Besides some good mechanical properties like constant and reliable operation, high-abrasive, low electricity consumption, simple structure, it should entail the following requirements:

1.The flotation machine must be able to pressure sufficient air into the ore pulp to make it diffuse as suitable as well as evenly distributed bubbles. The inflation performance is an important symbol for the judgment of its performance. 2.Possessing the stirring function is bound to guarantee a fierce and even agitation for the ore pulp as well as an even distribution and the mine granule’s suspension. Meanwhile, it can dissolve and disperse some insoluble medicament. 3.Having the function of regulating the pulp surface, pulp flow and aeration quantity.  4.It is able to discharge ceaselessly the foam products gained during flotation and the residuary ore pulp in the tank. 

The aerated pulp during flotation consists of mineral granules, water and bubbles. The mineral granule is solid, water is liquid and bubble is gaseous. Therefore, the aeration pulp during the flotation is called triphase system. While flotating, each mineral particle’s adhesive selectivity for the bubbles as well as their flotation behavior are determined by the physical and chemical property among the triphase boundary composed of mineral particle, water and bubbles. Among them, the wettability of the mineral surface is much more important. For instance, dropping a drop of water on a smooth and clean quartz surface, then the water drop expands quickly, that is to say the quartz can be wetted, it is hydrophilic; and again dropping the water drop on paraffin, the water drop remains a ball shape instead of spreading about, viz, paraffin is not that easy to be wetted by the water, so it is hydropobic. That is called wetting phenomenon. In order to increase the flotation machinery efficiency, the development of the new type machine has generally gained much more attention, especially in the recent decade, this machine is developing quite fast.

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